Putting yourself out there, part 2 – DM

Follow up. old thought – I will die if I put myself out there. new thought – “I will die if I Don’t put myself out there.” (I will Live if I put myself out there). I came to this thought about my procrastination. It’s also true about my other two issues – being 15 pounds over weight, and keeping a cluttered house and life. I’ve used food and clutter and procrastination to buffer the fear of “I will die if I put myself out there. I will die if I enjoy my life.” Rather than 3 problems, I have one. I’m wondering how it would work to address food/clutter/procrastination at the same time from the root thought, becoming a person who does not buffer because of fear. Or if it would be better to constrain, work with the April goal of writing every day and completing the book proposals/chapter first then turn to the other issues? I do find myself moving toward a food protocol naturally and noticing and not adding to the clutter – keeping up with daily work. I would appreciate your feedback! Thank you.