Q – what wasn’t great about yesterday

I’m trying to use food as we talked about on OE call but I’m not sure I’m doing it correctly or digging deep enough.

Not great – I went to lunch yesterday. We did a buffet. I decided to eat/overeat and then carried it on the rest of the day. My thought for the day was I’m starting fresh tomorrow, getting back on my protocol and I want it out of my system.

C – Food
T – eat what you want so you can start fresh tomorrow
F – out of control
A – Two trips to the buffet
R – overate

My new story – yes I overate Buffets are not good settings for me. However I did notice the thoughts I was having during the lunch and I saw how they drove my actions and results.

C – food
T – I’ll take more time to notice my thoughts so I can course correct
F – empowered- more in control
A – allow urges, sit with them
R- unanswered urges/stay on protocol

How else would I work with all or nothing mentality?