Hey Brooke,

I really stepped in it and created a messy situation, and I appreciate your help to “model” through it.
C: Complete grad application with committee members
T: I thought that my committee members would think I was being selfish and exploiting their time by having more than the required number of committee members (required 3, I have 5)
F: Stress, fear
A: Send email request for one member to drop my committee (only if he wanted to)
R: Committee member was offended (told my advisor so) and delayed response

In the mean time, I got an alert from that the application needs to be approved so I submit with all committee members. This was impulsive and I should have immediately contacted the faculty member. Now, the committee member said that it was fine to drop him from my committee.
C: Dilemma
T: Do I contact grad school to try & remove him, or contact him & ask to stay on??
F: Stupid & crazy because I created this mess
Action: Write a thought download & ask Brooke 🙂
Result: Manage my mind & get support

I plan to wait until tomorrow and contact the grad school to see what is involved (resubmit form). I also want to apologize for the confusion in person for the confusion. I know that I created this mess, but my final thought is that this is happening exactly how it should. I have to go through this process to evolve and become someone who takes responsibility for my impulsive actions and unintended consequences (hurt feelings). I can apologize for the confusion and rudeness from my message.