Quality of Program VS Freebie

Hi Brooke,

I’ve written before about the coaching practice I’m developing to help successful men solve their anger problem. Thanks for your help so far!
I’ve developed a program which I feel very positive about. It has 7 modules, with content including development of a compelling reason, the model, how and why to feel feelings, etc. It’s strength is in the WHOLE, the way the parts flow and work together to make what I think is a pretty comprehensive solution.

I am less confident about the quality of my freebie. It’s a little dissertation on ‘The most poisonous word – SHOULD’. It’s not a bad bit of content, I believe in it, and think it’s useful. But in comparison to my program, it seems like just a soundbite, and without the wholeness and context of the program (BTW it’s not actually a part of my program, it’s separate content) I feel like it doesn’t do justice to what I have to offer as a coach.
One obvious solution to my ‘problem’ would be to fix the freebie. I’m at a loss as to how to that, and fear that nearly any bit of isolated/small content that I come up with a freebie will have the same problem.
I also suspect that I’m overthinking it, making too big of a deal about it, being perfectionistic.

Any thoughts for me?