The last time my husband and I were living at home with both our girls was 6 years ago. We are now reunited under the family roof for the duration of the pandemic. How interesting it is to use this time to reflect on how much We have changed, and how interesting we all fall back into those old dysfunctional roles we had as a young family. I am struggling with
1. Using my girls as a sounding board to criticize my husband as I vie for best parent award 😂 and 2. Realizing the way my girls treat me is going to change by me changing me. This is hard. Six years ago I was bed bound undergoing aggressive cancer treatments. My oldest daughter was my caretaker ( she postponed college) and ran the household as my husband continued to work and my youngest was in high school as a sophomore. I feel like my girls continue to walk on eggshells around me for fear of me dying. Truth is I am now cancer free, back to full time work and strong enough to resume my life exactly as it used to be. My girls get so protective esp if I am upset. I know the approach is not to tell them to change but for ME to change but how do I do that? Do I change my thought” they are being overprotective and people pleasing me” to something different?