Quarter 1 25 Failures List

My 2018 impossible goal is to lose 15 lbs. I’ve been trying to lose the last 10 lbs (to get to 140) for all of 2017 without success. I’ve tried lots of things but I will still occasionally buffer with food, hence the lack of success. I decided to make the impossible goal 15 lbs (135) because that truly does seem impossible and I know I’d have to really become someone new to achieve it.

I’ve done all of the December workbook but am stuck on page 31. If overeating, snacking, and eating off plan are considered “escape fails,” then what is a worthy fail when trying to lose weight? I may be indulging in confusion but I seriously can’t figure it out. I even asked my husband to help me and he got stuck here too, haha.

So far I’ve only come up with one result to put on my brainstorm list – “Stop eating at +4.” This is a result I want. But if I fail at it (eat to +5 or more), then I’m failing but again, it’s not a worthy fail because I’m overeating. My husband suggested we got out for donuts and I only eat one. When I’ve done a joy eat of donuts, I’ve typically eaten more than one. But I don’t think this would be that hard. I don’t think that there’s a huge likelihood of me failing.

The result I want is to feel all my feelings and not buffer away any emotion with food. But again, if I fail and buffer, then I’m overeating and that’s not a worthy fail.

Stuck in an endless spin. Please send help. Lol. <3