Question #3 daily March homework

Hi Brooke,
I’m a bit confused about how to answer question #3 each day.
Here are my current answers:
#1 I have lost 25 pounds and am feeling like a strong, fit, confident woman!
#2 Light, happy, strong, confident
#3 ? It feels great! It feels like I’m already there.

Do there have to be negative thoughts/conflicting sentences? If I’m truly feeling as though I’m already there in the future, might there be none? If so, what would you suggest I answer in #3 and #4? In #4 should I simply write the massive action that gets me there, even though I haven’t had the conflicting sentences? (I certainly could come up with some conflicting sentences if I have to, but it seems counter-intuitive to focus on them if they aren’t coming up initially on their own)

Thank you!