Question about 100 urges

Hi Brooke,

I was curious about nightly urges for wine and or binging on food.
Last night I had an urge to go to the store and get a bottle of wine. I reminded myself of the main reasons I am choosing not to drink and binge eat. Basically the same reasons I come up with in the thought downloads I have in the morning when I am fully in my prefrontal cortex. So even though it was hard, my prefrontal prevailed and I did not buy that bottle of wine. A little while later, like an hour or two, the urge presented itself again. I prevailed again. My question is, would that be 1 urge in the 100 urges worksheet or 2?

One of the thoughts that resonated with me at the time was… If I pick up that bottle and have some then I will not be extinguishing the desire which is my ultimate goal. I did have a little brownie though. But at least it was not a binge!