question about cleaning out my closet

I do love the exercise of cleaning out something entirely and touching everything and only putting back what I love.
I have done this before and it was great.

I found myself this time, though, with stuck thoughts.

“I don’t know what I love,”

was the first layer, but what is underneath that are the T’s,

T: I cannot create what I really want,

T: I cannot create what I really love,

T: I haven’t earned it yet.

When I sat with these things, I realized I am thinking and focusing more on doubts and fears about my near and longer term future than I am on the excitement and possibility.

“What if I do this and I don’t have the money to replace any of it?”

“What if I screw up and put the wrong things back in there?”

“What if I don’t really know what I love or who I am becoming anymore?

Thinking about the clothes I want to wear for this future and what I want in my house have made the fearful thoughts more clear.

So, I’m going to turn that last one around to “If I did know what who I am becoming loves and who she is – what would she tell me?” and work with that.

But if you have any insights, that would be awesome, thank you.