Question about daily dare model for cleaning bathroom

Can I please have help cleaning up my model for the daily dare about cleaning my bathroom. I thought this would be a simple model but when I wrote it out I got a really unexpected thought and emotion. However, I keep coming up with thoughts instead of actions and results for my A and R line.

My thought downloads around the bathroom had these thoughts. (PS, my bathroom is not really that dirty, but I don’t really pay attention to cleaning it regularly). I might feel embarrassed. I might get wet and be physically uncomfortable. I might not know what to do next. I won’t have a system. I chose to use this last thought because it came up strongly and seemed unusual to say out loud.

Original model.

C. Clean the bathroom.
T. I won’t have a system.
F. Fear
A 1. Not know where to start. 2. Have to re-do things in the right order (eg washing floors before wiping counters). 3. Might not have the right cleaners and scrubbers to hand.
R. A mostly clean bathroom that I have had to do several things over in order to get it properly clean.

I know that this model is not forming correctly. But I’m going to go ahead and start anyway.
PS> the first action I just did was remove clothes / dirty towels to laundry.

Here is a self confidence model instead.

C. Cleaning bathroom.
T. “I know the steps to do this”.
F. Self confidence
A. 1. throw towels/clothes/floor mats in dirty laundry basket. 2. put cleaner in toilet. 3. spray scrubbing bubbles in bath to soak. 4. clear items off counter and wipe down counter, taps and inside sink. 5. wipe mirror. 6. scrub bath. 7. rinse bath. 8. scrub toilet and flush. 9. wipe around toilet and rim. 10. wet mop floor.
R. Bathroom is clean, and I have gained a bit of confidence that I can repeat this system again next time.