Question about eating and drinking after work

I’m wondering how to start working on my overeating and drinking after work. Over the past 10 years or so, I developed the habit of leaving work, feeling tired, stressed, anxious and/or just worn out. My thoughts were along the lines of – wouldn’t something greasy/cheesy/salty/spicy and some wine be great? (And not just a little cheese and wine, but a lot, to the point of steadily gaining weight each year). I can see now that this was just numbing/soothing my feelings so I didn’t feel so stressed, or really feel anything at all.

Over the past year or so, I’ve made pretty good progress on defining and limiting my work, taking control of my schedule, and generally leaving at the end of the day feeling pretty good. But the food/wine habit still comes up very frequently (at least 3x a week). I’ve been trying to figure out what thoughts start the cycle and it’s still seems to be something along the lines of – wouldn’t some cheese and crackers and wine be great tonight? And I agree with myself immediately, even though I don’t feel particularly stressed/anxious and even though I really don’t want to. It feels like a random thought that pops up in my mind and I just agree immediately out of habit. My question is where to start in addressing this – as a buffering issue, an over-eating issue, or an over-drinking issue? It’s not like an urge or a craving, is it? Hmm – maybe it is but I don’t recognize any feelings around it because I just agree so quickly. The no flour-no sugar didn’t really resonate with me since I rarely crave or overeat these things, I imagine because I find them stimulating and not numbing. Anyway, any advice on a starting point would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for all you do!