Question about "Feeling" into our Future Goal — Reinvention Experience Class 10


Brooke talks about generating and practicing the feeling ahead of time that we would feel once we reach our Future Self or our Impossible Goal.

If it’s a 50/50 feeling there (at our Future Self) as it is here (at our Now Self)…
How is it “supposed” to feel like to have 1 million dollars? — is it supposed to be “no big deal… like I AM a coffee drinker?.. or I AM a parent?.. or I AM a person who likes chocolate ice cream.. or I Am a person who can create 1 million dollars” —

Is the feeling that we are supposed to generate into our Future Self supposed to be joy? pride?

I don’t understand what Brooke means by visualizing it and generating the feeling.

It seems that there are people who can create a million dollars with a “half-managed mind”… which I’m guessing means that they can reach their goals as the 50/50 version of ourselves. So, if it’s always 50/50 and … then, what if we generated joy AND pride AND fear AND doubt?

Hope this makes sense! I’m not sure if it does as I’m typing this out.
I find this concept to be a little confusing for myself.