Question about IF

Hi Brooke,
I love SCS. Thank you for your tremendous positive influence in my life.

Intermittant fasting question….
I am considering eating in a 6 hour window with breakfast and lunch rather than lunch and dinner because I have so much trouble staying on protocol in the evening.

I am a teacher and have formed the habit of coming home from work and binge eating to the point of pain. I mostly only have this urge after work. I have been in SCS since August and although my life has improved 10000% this area still is a struggle for me. When I am on vacation, relaxed and not overwhelmed or on weekends I have a much easier time and can usually stay on protocol or close to it. I am watching the scale creep up and would love to be successful in managing this aspect of my life.

Question … If I skip dinner all together- eat a big breakfast and lunch – stay on protocol with those meals, would that be a good strategy? Basically eliminate evening food and wine on workdays and break the habit once and for all.