Question about indulgent emotions

Dear Coaches
Is this correct – indulgent emotions seem to be helpful/ protective because they prevent you from feeling negative emotions?

I think that was the lesson I learned today as I was trying to decide what to do with my grandmother’s crystal glassware set. It’s gorgeous, huge (48 pieces), fragile, and maybe expensive. And it’s been on the top shelves of my kitchen cabinets for over 15 years. All morning I was indulging in indecision. I could keep it on the shelf, give it away, sell it, give it back to my mom. I went in circles and couldn’t decide. Then it hit me – I’m afraid I’ll feel regret or shame if I get rid of it. I spent a little time imagining feeling regret and shame and thought – huh, not really a big deal. I can handle those.

After that, it was like my mind was totally liberated and I decided in an instant – I’m going to use it as my every day glassware, and if it breaks, it breaks. If I’m going to feel regret no matter what I chose, why not also feel the delight of using then. What’s interesting was that option wasn’t even on my radar while I was indulging in indecision.

Seems like I may have found a way to stop dithering and start making decisions!