Question about latest Money course


I was just watching Brooke’s latest course on money, and tonight I was watching the 4th video on Feelings and Morality.

To the last caller she coaches, she says that the money you are paid to do your job (by customers or an employer) does not determine your own worthiness. But that the money you are paid is simply the value the customer or employer judges fair of the service you are offering to them. That it ultimately has nothing to do with you. Which I find very confusing. Here’s why.

For example, I am working as a sales rep and I do think that the business I bring to my employer is an indicator of my worthiness as a sales rep. Not as a person, but as a sales rep yes. Don’t you think that if another sales rep brings in more business than I do, then they would be worthier than I am ? It seems obvious to me that some people are better at what they do than others. Consequently, they are better paid and it has to do with them, with how good they are.

Maybe Brooke wasn’t talking about worthiness in terms of how good you are at your job, I was a little confused by that last call. I’m not sure I got her point.

Thanks for the insight !