Question about Money–in the pool

I have a question about the topic of money. I recently had a practice coaching session and I got stuck in my session as I jumped in the pool. The Model was something like this:

C– Set up a meeting to ask boss for a raise. Recent reimbursement shift so that more revenue needs to be generated to get the same salary.
T–I’m not being valued for the work I do
A–Judge management, not do more than bare minimum, ruminate, talk with other disgruntled workers, think of myself as ‘creating waves’ if I say something
R–Not creating or showing my value

I got through the model ok but was really stuck from there. I did go through the elevator a little and talk about how she sees her value and all that she brings but beyond that was not sure what to do. I felt in the pool as I see it as a “no win,” situation, myself. I am looking for ways I could have helped the client change her mindset about the meeting and her showing up to work despite being paid less and expected to do more (see?! I’m in the pool!).