Question about my model – Circumstances : my son cries

I would like some help about my model. I have a son who is 4 years old and he cries often and it is usually because he is upset about something ( little thing like I put some banana, strawberry and kiwi in his bowl for breakfast and he did not want the banana and then he cries for 10 min). I am trying ti stay calm but I feel angry emotion coming very often.. sometimes, I am able to stop this emotion, sometime I am not and I yell.
C – My son cries because there is banana in his bowl
T – I am upset, tired of him crying and want some quiet time
F – Upset, Angry
A – Tell him that it does not matter and that he should stop crying with an angry tone in the voice
R- He cries even more
C – My son cries because there is banana in his bowl
T – My son is still a child and he is not able always to manage his emotion. I am here to help him through this
F – Compassion, wanting to help
A – Reassure him and listen to his emotion
R- He stop crying
I have already tried this new though and it has worked once but I am often back to the angry one ( with other circumstance like: My 2 son start to argue and fight)
Not sure how to be successful in changing my though.
Thanks in advance for your help!