Question about my model – Scholar COACHING CALL

This section ‘ask a coach ‘ is so useful, thanks so much!!! Great answer on the question I posted last Sunday, very helpful.
Here is another question.
I am new in Scholar since 1st of May and it seems that I am getting more and more aware of all the thoughts I have and I start to analyse everything.. which I love.. But I am still unclear on something.
Here is what happened yesterday:
I came back from Yoga classes at 9.30 pm and there were a live coaching call that was scheduled at 10pm. I was thinking of attending ( as I have not yet attended one and only listened to the replay so far and wanted to experience it live so that I could at a next coach submit my coaching question.. but going to bed at 11 pm is a bit late for me… so I did not really decide to attend up front and was leaving this decision to make after yoga).
When I arrived, my husband was reading a book on the couch and I told him I was thinking of attending the webinar and he told me ‘ really?? , it will be late and I am tired and I would like you to go to bed and you to come with me’. I did decide to go to bed and not attend the call and I was happy with this. But then , I am really wondering if I have done this to please him and avoid the disagreement to see him disappointed and not happy…
I read the book ‘ how to feel better’ and I liked the section about making decision ahead of time and stick to it. In this case I did not. Should I have decided before? And If I would have decided to do the call and then I would have done it and did not let myself down.. but would have seen disagreement in my husband.
Are you able to help with this? Is there a model I should do on this topic?
A big thanks in advance!