Question about planning in the face of uncertainty

Dear Coaches,

I was totally blown away by Bev’s lesson this month. I saw myself in every sentence she said. I realize that so much of my mental activity is trying to control the future and make it more certain, in order to make myself feel more secure. And I learned I’ve given myself a job to do that is impossible. I’m still trying to grasp everything she said – I’ll have to watch this 10 more times I think.

One immediate question that came to mind is – given the future is uncertain, how do we think about long term planning? For example, I’m working with a financial advisor to ensure I’m in the best financial position possible to retire at 62. But I’m overwhelming myself trying to think of everything that could happen to upset my plans (stock market, illness, what about long term care insurance, etc.). There seem to be 100s of variables and I’m trying to make a plan to account for everything that might happen. Seems like another impossible job. So I’m curious to know how you recommend thinking about long term planning and how it fits with an uncertain future.

Thanks much.