Question about resisting feelings

Dear Brooke,
I’m on board about “resist = persist” as far as feelings go. But the alternative is to just feel them right?
I am 3 months pregnant. I have a wonderful husband and we are financially great.
My problem: I do not want to be pregnant. I wanted to wait a min of 2-4 years. Here is my model:
C: I am pregnant
T: I am going to lost my job because I haven’t been there for a year yet, I just got out of graduate school and am working in the field I love and now will be derailed and further behind, I don’t like children, I feel like shit all the time, my dreams are dying
F: DREAD, anguish, frustration, sadness,
A: be mean to husband, sulk, eat more than needed
R: basically a disaster lol

So on top of that, everyone expects women to be overjoyed by being pregnant and I’m just NOT. Not at all. I am making things worse by further resisting the negative feelings that I do feel I guess out of guilt and for the sake of my husband (who is delighted). So if I’m not resisting, I can just feel the dread etc. that is associated with my thoughts…. and it will dissipate?

A thought that kind of works is “just get it over with” because I’ll have to do it sooner or later. thoughts?