Question about SOE program

I’ve “consumed” all of the videos on the stop overeating workshop. They are amazing. I started no flour no sugar on the 1st and it’s actually pretty easy for me. I know that what will be more challenging will be sticking with my protocol and deciding on times to eat because my schedule is different 4 days a week. I’m excited to embark on that challenge though because I’m want to be free from my over desire for food. Now I’ll be going back through the videos (they are oh-so-good!) so that I can do the work with them. My question relates to what Brooke talks about in the last workshop video where she lays out how she takes her clients through the program. She said that month 1 is no sugar no flour, month 2 is creating a protocol, etc. Where can we get that month by month information that she used with her clients in the actual stop overeating program? And does she still do stop overeating master classes? Thanks!