Question about sugar

Hi Brooke,
So excited that I am finally in SCS. I had a quick question regarding sugar, I am sure you probably cover it somewhere but I am trying to work my way through everything in a step-wise fashion. I have been off obvious sugar (chocolate, candy, sugary drinks, cookies) for a while now because I am aware of just how awful it makes me feel physically. My question is about sneaky sugar such as the small amount of sugar that hides in salad dressings, salsa or savory foods. Do you recommend avoiding anything that has sugar listed in the ingredients? Do these small amounts have the same effect on the body? As I am writing this I can hear you saying a little heroin or a little grab ass is still not good for you so maybe I know the answer already 🙂
….and I am pretending for the time being that alcohol is not really sugar although I am working on that too.
Thanks thanks thanks!