Question about the model – advise

Hi Brooke,

Is the below ok, do you have any advise on my models?

Current model
C: my posture assessment appointment
T: he is try to take my money, most likely he is going to try to make me come more often so he gets more money, I need to make sure I get the most I can from my money, this appointments are very expensive. I am the client he has to please me.
F: irritated, overcharged, unfriendly
A: be unfriendly
R: Generating a tense environment and no allowing. A relationship to develop…

Desired model:
C:my posture assessment appointment
T: he charge the same to every one, no one is forcing me to come, I have felt some relief so is it worth, I am working so I can pay
F: happy, grateful, open
A: attend the appointment with an open mind – be friendly
R: nice atmosphere and perhaps the development of a nice relationship