Question about thought

Hi Brooke, to reach my weight loss goal, I’m trying on the thought of “My urges may never go away fully, and thats ok”.

When I put it into the model I get:
C: Weight loss goal
T: My urges may never go away and thats ok
F: Fear (of needing to feel these urges the rest of my life)
A: Look for shortcuts or resisting urges
R: Urges never go away

C: Weight loss goal
T: Urges may never go away and thats ok
F: Relief (at admitting that I don’t need to make the urges go away in order to reach my goal)
A: Feel urges and get better at feeling urges
R: Urges may never go away but I still lose weight

Am I doing something wrong in the model, or is it possible that the same thought could generate two different feelings and results?

Also, do urges ever go away? I thought the point of the 100 urges worksheet is to learn to feel the urges and that eventually they will diminish (you talk about no longer feeling the urge to drink).

Basically, is the answer to lifelong weight maintenance (1) accepting that urges will always exist and learning how to stay with them or (2) diminish my urges (if that is even possible) through thought work and urges worksheets?