Question about wanting to help others

A recent question from another scholar below, titled “Friend is desperate for her mother to be happy,” asks for podcast suggestions to help a friend who is struggling with her mother. The coach replied that the scholar is similarly struggling with her friend. And offers the scholar, why not just let her friend be unhappy?

This resonated question and answer resonated with me as I too enjoy sharing Brooke’s work and other resources/idea’s about anything.
I am a giver and a helper. In various assessment tools, I always score high in these two styles. So I too enjoy sharing with friends selected podcasts/resources that might help them. I get excited that I can help them and be a friend to them.

The coach’s response to just let her friend be unhappy, surprised me. I clearly understand not taking ownership for how a friend is feeling.
But when your nature is to help, and you are familiar with tools that may be of help…. why not share?

Thanks so much!