Question about Writing a Best Of Book

Hi Everyone! I really took the task of cleaning out closets, etc. to heart back in SCS October and have for the most part maintained order, much to my amazement. I have WAAAY less clutter and I find things so much quicker and more easily. A few weeks ago I took on the task of cleaning out my e-mails, which dated back to 2003 when I first started publishing. It took some time going through all of that. I got rid of so much unnecessary e-mails except for anything related to the newspaper I still freelance for. I sent some of my very first assignments, dating back to 2004, to my editor, who has since become my friend, and she loved reminiscing with me so much so that she suggested I write a best-of book. Now, I’ve made that my April Goal. I don’t think I would have gotten this far had I not trained my brain to value the concept of purging first begun courtesy of October’s topic/work. It really has lightened my life load. However, my brain keeps giving me reasons not to write the book, so many reasons, which I completely expected, so I’m not in any way freaking out. I’ve broken down what I need to do this month into manageable steps, including managing my mind first and foremost. Any steps, insights or transitional thoughts you can throw my way as I work through this month’s goal? I really am more excited than scared, which is huge for me, but as I mentioned, writing a book is a whole new world for me. I at one time got lost VERY easily (or so my brain told me) and I’m determined to stay on track this month.
Thank you so much for all that you do!