Question on Buffering and Rest

Hey Brooke! I’m self-employed and work from home. I’m working on a project I enjoy – but feeling tired. But I think I have the thought “I can’t leave work and rest” (which is always my constant thought) – so instead, I’m buffering. I’m looping through lots of social media sites and then find myself thinking about “what I can eat” (even though I’ve been very good on my protocol). I guess the answer to this is to spend the 1 hour resting versus wasting 1 hour buffering – but my mind has always had an issue with not being productive. Especially since I don’t schedule projects – so I’m just always “ON” from 6am to “whenever”… 7 days a week. Have you heard of buffering to keep from resting? And what do you recommend for constraint for self-employed peeps? Do you only work certain hours? Are you able to let yourself rest?