Question about choosing an “asset” focus and not doing the thing I thought I was here to do

Hi Brooke,

I’m a brand new Scholar, been doing the model work nearly every day since signing up on Jan 2. Since then I’ve been rather easily eating the way I have been trying to eat for so long and no longer cheating on myself and giving in to urges for grains and sugar that seem to bother me a lot, and alcohol, even just one glass or two, seems to mess with my skin, energy, etc). I feel amazing now! Like REALLY good. Like Tiger Blood good (to reference Whole30 folks, as that way of eating works so beautifully for me). 🙂 I feel like your Model work is the missing piece to all the stuff I’ve learned over the years and puts it all together for me. Thank you!

As the new year approached, I thought of hiring a marketing coach, to tweak my lead generation in my coaching biz. But then I realized, it was my own stopping and starting, my own second guessing and doubts and mental garbage (after spending the month of December listening to your podcast, this was clear) that was in the way. Thus, here I am. 🙂

My question: My “big” issue is upgrading my relationship to money. I make money, I can earn, I have a successful coaching biz, BUT I avoid tracking my money. I do it when I need to, and when I do it, I feel amazing. I feel clear about what’s doing, and when I don’t I feel so vague and then I think about it all the time, it haunts me, and how I should be doing. So I thought I’d head right over to your money course. I’ve done some models on this, and yet I just still don’t do it. My models in around my relationship to my hubby, my body, and pretty much everything else is going well.

So I’m wondering, if perhaps my first step just allowing the feelings, instead of resisting them/ fighting them / negotiating with them (I’ll do it tonight. No, I’ll do it first thing at my desk). I remember hearing you say this somewhere? Or something else?

Alternatively, I wondered, “hey, give yourself 90 days to stabilize in your health, emotions around not drinking, not eating sugar in response to every tension, not avoiding exercise, and then swing back to the money stuff.”

Thank you for reading and for your help!