Question about daily homework…answered, I think!

Hey…it’s Elizabeth. I have been very curious about my last post, and I think I have my own answer, which makes the struggle great! The thought was I am curious about this homework question. How can I make yesterday truly great? The exercise resulted in my mind looking for a new pathway to reframe the previous day in a great light. Instead of focusing on the symptoms of anxiety, irritability and fear…I decided to look for the thought that was causing the symptoms.

C: We are moving
T: This is bad because I don’t know what to do with my excess furniture.
F: Anxious, afraid
A: I stay unfocused in my day because I am mentally focusing anxious and fearful thoughts.
R: I eat popcorn and start planning my alzheimer’s treatment.


C: We are moving.
T: It’s ok that I don’t know what to do with my excess furniture.
F: Relieved, in control, confident
A: I stay more present. I start to think of solutions for the excess furniture.
R: I start the shedding process.


C: We are moving.
T: This is a great opportunity to practice minimalism. Change is scary, and I can do scary things.
F: Empowered, excited
A: I walk around the house and am able to look at pieces from the perspective of its use and function.
R: I realize that some pieces can be gotten rid of easily because they are not useful and don’t feel aligned with my goal of simplifying.
A: I am simplifying my life.

So, is this what the work looks like? I’m not confused…just needed to spend more time on the question. Thanks….Elizabeth E