A question about the “Dominant Feeling”

Hi Brooke,

I have heard you say that at least half of our feelings are likely to be unpleasant and not to expect that life always feels great. Can you speak more to this in regards to the dominant feeling from yesterday in our homework?

I am keeping up with the daily work and have been getting a lot of clarity from your answers so far, but I am still noticing its difficult for me to pinpoint the dominant feeling from yesterday each morning. I can see moments and feelings all along the spectrum depending on what I choose to focus on.

An example is that yesterday my husband, daughter and I started the second half of our vacation in Hawaii. We are both off for the next two weeks with no work planned and the opportunity to spend time together with our toddler enjoying some of our favourite spots. So yesterday I experienced bliss and excitement for our adventure.

At the same time, as we got on our flight we realized that my Green Card expired 2 days ago.

So I also felt irresponsible and careless for not keeping on top of that and spent the night tossing and turning feeling a mix of anxiety about the possible outcomes and annoyed that I was giving this situation airtime in my mind when there is nothing I can do about it until Tuesday and find out what steps I need to take to sort it out.

Bliss and anxiety in the same day, both in big doses 🙂

How would I decide which is dominant in that case?