Question Everything. Truly.

Hi Brooke,

I hired the awesome Rachel Hart in addition to SCS to assist me and hold me accountable for my September goal.

Yesterday I had a call with her and I started by telling her that the day I decided I will become a screenwriter and started purchasing every book I could find about the subject and read every blog, suddenly everyone were saying that writing is stressful, that all writers fear writing, hate writing, procrastinate, that first drafts are terrible, that it’s too competitive, that only few make it, that good luck publishing or finding an agent, etc.

I was blogging and writing a lot before, when I didn’t know that writing is hard. All of a sudden, it seemed I wished I could undo all this knowledge.

Since not even one said that writing is easy, then started my struggle as I took all these beliefs and embraced them to be scientifically true and unquestionable.

During my call with Rachel she suddenly raised the question – ‘Why would someone say that writing is stressful and hard?’

1. Because they heard it before.
2. Because it serves an excuse for why THEY abandoned or didn’t make it.
3. Because they don’t want everyone to try it.
4. Because it serves their ego to think it’s hard.
5. Because it makes them think they are cut from a different cloth.

It never occurred to me that since so many professional writers and gurus are saying that, that it might not be true.
And the fact that there is no single book that says, ‘Writing is easy!’ does not mean anything.

We are gathered here today to question everything.

That Screenwriter.