Question for Stacy Boehman

Hi Brooke and Stacy!
I recently listened to the podcast episode with Stacy Boehman and it was awesome!!
There was so many great nuggets in there, I started listening to Stacys podcast soon after and Stacy talks about a concept called being a product of the product. Or essentially, be the transformation before selling it to someone else. Stacy mentions a lot that you become a product of the product by doing the work every day. Can we just clarify what “the work” is. Is that models? Writing down your impossible goals/beliefs daily?

I want to do the work to get the transformations in my own life that’ll help me sell myself and my coaching, (and freaking rock my own world) but I’m not sure what kind of active learning/implementing needs to be taking place vs just passively consuming content.
I appreciate your insights, thank you!