Question on Goal Weight – AMD

Hi Brooke,

I started in March, and for believing new things, I chose “I am 132 lbs on my birthday in October this year”. Since February, I have lost 36 lbs and (now 164) and have 32 lbs to go. July & August, I have seen my weight loss slow down. I’m working through emotional eating skills – I don’t always succeed but I’m learning.

So here’s the deal: At 5′ 4″ and 164 lbs, having lost 36 lbs, what is a challenging and still doable end date to revise my goal to? I don’t think I can lose 32 lbs in 8 weeks…Should I revise my “believing new things” or should I keep working that right up to my birthday?

Also, you coached me live on “my new boss will hate me”… LOL. You offered that I could just decide to like her. Here’s how that shook out… I decided to like her. I enjoyed all our meetings. This week, I was told that I was being moved to another department. … ((Oh! The DRAMA!)) but here’s the thing… I actually STILL like her ( I even played around with it… like let’s see if I can be mad at her for this…and nope, still like her, still smile when we meet) . What the what? And now I know I can decide to like my new boss, my new job and my new team. What a cool skill to have!