Question on Hating a Business

Hey Brooke! So here’s the deal: I have told myself I “Hate My Current Business” – which I’ve been doing since I was 15. I have created A LOT of “why I hate it” reasons – which also seem very logical and believable. I do ultimately want to leave this business behind and become a full-time Life Coach – but I realize a few things… (a) I don’t need to hate it to force myself to leave and (b) I still need it to work/pay out at some level to allow me to transition to a new business. So I’ve run a model on it like this:

C: I have a business in this market
T: I hate this market
F: Annoyed, unhappy, angry
A: None; severe procrastination
R: Since I have no results, I REALLY hate this market

Now – I have a delightful list of very believable reasons WHY I hate this market – to bolster my thought. (i.e. Customers want impossible “magic”, customers are lazy, customers complain too much, customers refund, competition lies to get business – and if I don’t I get zero business, etc., etc., etc.) So I’m wondering how to attack this:

T: ??????
F: I’m EXCITED about selling to this market
A: I Sell 10 $1000 products to this market each month
R: I Make $10K a Month in This Market (and then I have a money cushion to start my new business)

I tried “I hate this market – and that’s okay”… but that didn’t seem to work. 😉

I tried “I love these horrible people who want impossible things and are only willing to buy from me if I lie to them”… but that also didn’t seem to help much. Maybe a bit too sarcastic.

Thoughts? I 100% totally “get” my market. I used to BE my market back in the day. But they really do want an impossible reality … magic results with zero work … and my desire to continue to promise them “No-Work Magic Results” is on empty. My competition LOVES to promise the world and deliver zero – and the market continues to spend themselves into debt to eat it up. When I try to sell them what they “need” (not what they want) or level with them about “the truth”, they don’t buy. 😛

Any idea on how to change this deep-seated “I hate my market” thought so I can actually produce something and then move on?