Question on March Homework (good sentence on not overeating anymore)

Hi Brooke,
thanks so much for March’s input, loving it. BUT – I need some help with my “new sentence”. My goal this year st to finally lose those 50 pounds I’m struggling with for all of my adult life. The problem is, that sometimes it all feels really, really clear and I eat according to protocol, feel wonderful and lose weight. But then it happened on a regular basis (in the past, hopefully not so much in the future), that I kind of “forgot” that and went for the old habit of overeating (especially when stressed for a certain amount of days or so).
The sentences I play with:
“I eat well, moderately and according to protocol – and that is exactly what supports me, especially in stressy times” or does it have to be more along the goal, like:
“I enjoy feeling that lightness in my body, that shows me I’m on the right way” or simply something like
“I don’t binge anymore”
Or would it be ok to have serveral sentences, depending on the situation?
Thanks for your support!