Question on 2 models. (Marriage, sex, having an affair)

Hi, I am so thankful for all you coaches.
I need help with my models.

C – Married
T – I want more in a marriage.
F – Accepting of myself, recognizing that it is ok to feel I want more.
A – Internal thoughts on exiting
R – Getting used to the idea of leaving the marriage.

(This happened 8 months ago)
C – Sexless marriage with no communication for 6.5 years.
T – I no longer accept to not have sex unless there is a communication.
F – Free to have sex with another partner
A – Entering a sex relationship, feeling good about it.
R – Having sex, feeling amazing.

I do not feel any guilt about that I am having an affair but almost feel I should feel guilty.
I only feel guilty if I think about what other people would say (friends and people I know would judge me). I do not feel guilty if my husband finds out but I feel scared that he will get hostile and upset when he will find out.

C – Having an affair
T – I should feel guilty
F – Feeling bad, guilty that I don’t feel guilty about the affair.
A -Understanding I do not want to be judged.
R- scared I will be looked upon as doing wrong

I think it is hard to fill in the Action line and the result line. Can you please look at my models and help me?

Thank you