Question on 25 worthy fails as an actor

My Impossible Goal for 2020 is to get cast in an Oscar-worthy film and I am struggling with actions to take / worthy fails to aim for.

In one of my 20 minute coaching sessions, the call ended right as my coach was explaining that what I feel I have no control over – whether someone casts me in their film or not – is actually about my R being their C.

She said that “me the actor” is the C for the producer and director. And I need to take massive action so that their casting me is inevitable because I meet all the criteria / all their needs. (I think that’s what she was saying.)

Would these be good examples of R’s I can reach for to meet their C?
.. Raising my profile to X number of Instagram followers
.. Getting interviewed on a popular podcast
.. Signing with X agent whose clients work on Oscar caliber projects?

Curious if I’m on the right track.