Question on my model

We are on a vacation with my extended family. My sister arrives today. She and I have had a difficult relationship at times.

Here are my models:
C: Sister arriving
T: I wish she were not coming
F: Dread
A: Be closed off to her
R: Be close off to my purpose (which is “To connect with, unconditionally love and empower myself and others.”)

C: Sister arriving
T: There could be another way to think of this
F: More open
A: Be more open to her
R: Open to myself and to my purpose

Two questions:
1) The T and R lines don’t seem to match up in either of my models? Any suggestions for correcting?
2) Any other suggested Ts for my intentional model. That was the best I could come up with that didn’t feel like too much of a reach but even that doesn’t really resonate. “I wish she weren’t coming” feels very true to me.

Thanks for any insight!