Question on Things on My Calendar

Hi coaches… This is for time management. So i have a task in my calendar that i plan do in a specific span of time. Most of the time i do that task around that time frame but there are times that i finish it with spare. In line with developing the skill of honoring commitment to myself, will it help that i start the next task on my calendar ahead since i finish the prior one earlier than expected? Currently, my mind can’t think of more productive use of that extra time than start the next one on calendar. These few times i tried not to advance my next activity, i notice that what i do with my extra time is buffer with FB or phone games. And i feel that i am losing my momentum especially if the tasks are related to one another. Do you have suggestions on better ways to use that extra time?

Another one is when i planned to have an appointment with another person but suddenly that person cancels out (though giving me notice with enough time for me not to get out of the house). Now this will be a lot more time than my example above. Should i advance my next task? Or should i think of other activities i can do that is not on my calendar?

What im really having conflict with is that, i do like advancing tasks in my calendar but im wondering if i am sabotaging myself in building skill of honoring my calendar.

Your thoughts please. Thank you! Xoxo