question on unconditional love

this homework is really good!
I’m little bit confused by the term of unconditonal love. For example:
when my grandma or dad annoys me or makes me mad.. i’m mad or annoyed at them but i still love them and have their back. just at that moment i’m pissed.
or with my boyfriend its the same thing.

But with friends i noticed that when i discover a behaviour i don’t like or they have changed etc.
i give up. not meant to be then. thats a higher form of conditional love

so my question is now.. do i love my family unconditionally or not?
if not, i cause i don’t love anyone unconditionally.

2. what does love feel like? this question, idk.
like aren’t there different kind of loves? romantic love, friendship love, family love.
or would you say its all the same?

3. i noticed that i think people who don’t share, look out for themselves and have only their best interest in mind are less lovable.
guess what? i’m the same.
Like if its convinient for me i will share if not i look out for myself first.
my mother in law is the same. and i judge her soooo much for that.
How can i stop judging her? much loving are you committed to and why?
could you explain this question to me?

thank you sooo much for helping