Question on Podcast episode #84 (showing up for yourself)

On your podcast “Showing up Episode #84” you asked:
Who do you dress up for and why?

I really thought about this question and here is my honest answer. I dress for work so my bosses and colleagues can take me seriously. I for sure dress for them more than I do myself. (Like if I didn’t care what they thought, I would be a total slob I’m sure).

I find that every morning I dread doing my hair and makeup. I usually spend 10 minutes on my makeup, and put my hair in some kind of up-do because I usually feel way too exhausted to fix it.

I’m also one of your weight loss students who has well over 100 lbs to lose.

Is it possible that I can get to the level your talking about while I’m still at this weight? I understand that I need to love myself now, but I just don’t see how I can love myself right now even when I’ve let myself get this big.

This is the most dominant thought that is ruling my lack of showing up.

C: Me showing up as my best self possible.
T: umm who do you think you are? (I swear this is my moms voice)
F: shame
A: does not make showing up my top priority.
R: not being my best self.

Thank you so much. I just got promoted at my job so I really want to fix this.