Question re: How I’m Doing the Model (MK)

Hi Brooke,
I just started the How to Feel Better course…it’s amazing and I’ve had so many breakthroughs just the first module. My question is if I’m doing the model correctly, specifically as it relates to the words I’m writing as “feelings” – is this actually a feeling; “action” – is this a valid action or should is what I’m writing actually another though; and finally my results – sometimes they don’t seem to match my thought. I didn’t realize that I was really stuck until I watched the bonus videos of you coaching the students in model one.

Will you please review these for me? They my current thoughts.

C – me
T – I’m inadequate (not good enough)
F – hurt, sad
A – Do things that I think other people will like or approve of; focus on other people – people please; avoid thinking about why I think I’m inadequate; do things that will make other people happy so that I can feel happy
R – I don’t feel adequate (because I’m not deciding what being adequate means to me); I never measure up; I’m at the mercy of other people’s fleeting opinions of me

C – Relationship w/ mom
T – I don’t know anything (personal) about my mom
F – sad; disconnected
A – avoid talking with her; don’t share news/info about me with her; keep my distance
R – I don’t know anything about my mom

C – me
T – I don’t know who I am
F – lost
A – look to others for direction; do things that others want me to do ex. societal standards
R – I don’t decide for myself who I am; I don’t know who I am

C – relationship w/ sister
T – I was a horrible and mean person to her when we were growing up
F – sad; guilty
A – blame myself for her childhood; don’t talk w/ her much; treat myself poorly (negative and mean to myself, won’t let me forgive myself, and am hard on myself)
R – I don’t move past it; keep my distance from my sister