Question regarding accuracy of R

I am currently enrolled in CCP and communicate frequently with my cohort. Before class last week we had a call and everyone was talking about highlights they picked up on the recent class video. I remember watching the video but did not file (that portion they discussed) away as something” I should write down”. When we came together it seemed to me like everyone had made note of that same info, but I didn’t.

Can you please review the following model and let me know if this is clean?

C.: cohort member shared information she wrote down from the last class.
T: I did not pick up on those highlights
F: Dumb
A: question my intelligence
Compare myself to others
Tell myself I’m not qualified
Question future success in coaching
R: Not recognizing the highlights I did pick up from the class.

P.S. This is my first time writing in to “ask a coach” so hopefully this is the information you need to provide a response 🙂