Question to Brooke

So Brooke writes that she stepped in the new person that didn’t like wine.

And then she became that person.

But isn’t that like denying who you are. Also I would be scared that one day it will all come back and my “act” will not last.

You know what I mean?

Like there are these questions you have to answer

How do you want to think, feel and act?
who are you? Who matters to you? Etc

I want to be a person who is in love

Loving unconditionally


Feeling great about it

Feeling attracted

But when I have to act it isn’t that fake?

This is the thought that keeps coming up.

But only in the part of LOVE with a person/boyfriend.

I know I get to think whatever I want but this one is hard for me.

I need some explanation.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts