Questioning Clients

I have started coaching with a group of new ladies (as I do every few months). I get really excited to help them and know everything I do will support their goals. However, now that the program has started, I feel frustrated because they are asking a ton of questions (clearly not reading the email I sent out), and asking questions as if I did something wrong. This has me nervous every time I open an email. I can logically see the below two models just created by me and see how intentional models work better, but I can’t seem to knock the frustrated or nervous feeling despite that.

C: Client sends email
T: This is already answered in the email I just sent, this will not be good
F: frustrated

C: Client asks questions via email
T: They are attacking me, I did something wrong.
F: nervous

C: Client sends email asking question
T: I can use this as a teaching opportunity to be resourceful
F: helpful

C: Client asks questions via email
T: Everything in the program has been through out to help my clients succeed. Even if something has an error, I can easily fix it and regardless the program and myself is still valuable.
F: Calm cool and collected