Questioning my decisions

I recently joined Scholars and am blown away. I am doing thought downloads and models every day, learning to sit with my emotions and how to stop buffering.

One problem area for me is making decisions, trusting them and sticking with them. I have a business and a full time job and after some soul searching I decided to sell the business and focus on a career.

I started the sale process, posted in some places and got some people interested and I am already questioning this. My thoughts are: Should I sell the business that I built for 75%?  It needs some push to really grow it big. What if I can consider other options and change the parts that I don’t like about being a business owner like get a partner or something?

I am also scared that I am making this decision to sell just because I am burnt out and in the future I may repeat this tendency and not bring growth if I sell it now.  On the other hand, I suspect that it could be an attempt to avoid the hardships of the alternative I am choosing.  “Focus on career” decision implies at least 4 months of non-stop work and focus and after that focused and hard, but exciting for me work for the whole life if all goes well.

I feel I am making decisions trying to avoid something or I don’t trust my decisions because I think I am making them based on avoiding something.  How do I know that my decisions are coming from the real desire and not avoidance? How do I make decisions toward something and not to avoid something?