Questioning my impossible goal after listening to Brook’s entrepreneurial 10 year plan advise

I am a new coach. In fact, come January my website is going life and I’m starting to put myself out there. In the meantime, I’m participating all heartedly in December’s impossible goal setting. Just today, I’ve started listening to Brook’s entrepreneurial 10 year plan advise, in which she states clearly that the first year one should work towards breaking even. This notion is making me doubt my impossible goal in a big way. I mean, yes, it’s just a thought, but if Brook who has years of experience and has witnessed not just her own successful growth but that of many other coaches, still talks about the importance of breaking even (or maybe just the impossibility of doing everything but) how can I truly dive into my goal of making $ 200,000 in my first year? How can I dive into it with my whole self? Please advise.