Questioning my purpose and lifestyle

Hi, amazing coaches!

I would love to hear your perspective. I have been building my business, working and raising 2 kids, and for the most times I am very proud of what I do. But there are times when I start comparing my life with that of my sister. She has never worked, she spends quite a lot of money and time on luxurious treatments and things. Before it was our dad who paid for that. Now she is about to marry a men who will provide financially for her type of lifestyle. She is also about to have a baby, and because she lives in the same town with my parents, I know that she will get tons of help and I don’t have help from my parents because I live in a different country. I can see that I have a lot of judgments around my sister and I am doing the work around that.

The problem I wanted to bring here is that when I have interactions with my sister I start questioning and undervaluing things that I am doing in my life.

I blame myself for living “the hard way.” I blame myself for not having a perfect manicure and very little interactions with friends because I prioritize work and family.

This certainly doesn’t help in my work or create more connections with my sister. I am trying to go to the space where I don’t do anything/or where I live her lifestyle and I know I won’t be able to do it for more than a day because I am drown to share and work.

But there is something inside me that is like – your sister’s lifestyle is what everyone really wants and everything you teach other people and yourself is just because they can’t create my sister’s type of life for themselves.

I was very resistant to posting this piece 😅 but maybe you can help me with some useful thoughts and perspective on the topic of purpose (or maybe just with some kick in the ass).