Questioning my Wants

Hi Brooke,

I remember hearing you say that we often want things because of the how we think it will make us feel. With that in mind, I made a decent size list of all the things that I want, and identified how I think I will feel once I’ve achieved/obtained those things. However, I’m stuck, and am not sure what to do with some of the feelings that I’ve identified. What’s the next step from here?

ex. I want to get married. Once I get that I will feel loved, comfortable and worthy.

I know that I can change my thoughts so that I feel those feelings regardless of my marital status, but I’m also struggling with this idea of if I just want to be married for those reasons then maybe I don’t “really” want to be married.

I hope that makes sense. Thanks in advance and I’m so happy I joined… this is exactly what I need!