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Hi, Brooke, we have had our real estate business together now for 15 years together struggling with ups and down like a roller coaster due to weak systems to generate leads in our business. My husband Tony has been doing real estate for 20 years now and we’ve been married and in business together for 15 years this August. I’ve tried to convince him that the weakest link in our business is lead gen and prospecting. He continues to do things the same way as he has for 20 years. No following up with past clients, no prospecting and inconsistent business. Sometimes we have gone 3 to 4 months without any business which terrifies me since we are both getting older. He is 61 now and I am 53. I am consistantly trying to learn all the new technology which he does not like to do and he doesn’t want to call people on the phone which make me feel like he is giving up and he only wants to do the passive activities like writing contracts and negotiating and showing properties which does not generate new business. How can we work out all these problems and keep our sanity with each other? Thanks Cindy